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#WhitenessIs Garth Theunisen. More gems from a practical expert on #whiteness, white-racism & douchebaggery. Concerned that it is the colour of his skin that I found objectionable, I explain to him that #whiteness is a project not a skin tone. Entreated to read up on the subject and consider, for one moment, that the fact

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Dear White People: Theoretical wars and podium envy

Gillian Schutte responds and does a (final?) summation of the prevailing and derailing discourses in the critical and ongoing dialogue on undoing whiteness. Note how she situates the responses as “theoretical wars and podium envy” while still pointing back to the intersection of white racism with heterosexism and classism in the reproduction of the discourse

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South Africa: Let’s talk about race

Over the last few weeks, there has been a hundreds of years old conversation happening in South Africa on whiteness, white-racism and white Power. The conversation was reopened (not that it was ever closed) by Gillian Schutte’s letter to white people on which I reflect. Esther Athi-Nangomso Nkopo and Andile Mngxitama advance a response which situates Schutte’s

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white messiah

Rescuing whiteness

Well before Gillian Schutte’s letter to white people calling on them to reflect on their whiteness, its invisibility and centrality in the reproduction and edification of white power, the very experience of Black-ness has been characterized by this same demand. Yet, as is wont to be the case, it would be Schutte’s, a white womyn,

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From those fabulous people who brought you apartheid…

Mandy de Waal does a re-rendering of Gillian Schutte’s letter to white people with some choice responses from South African whiteness. “Dear White people..” “Who would have the patience to even argue with this vile, senile, wicked woman?” “I have decided to start the New Year with a letter to you all. It is a

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Reflections on an epistle to white people

Yesterday morning, on my breakfast online media trawl, I ran into Gillian Schutte’s latest epistle to white South Africa. “Dear white people,” it opens, “[I] implore you to wake up and smell Africa with a fresh white nose.” Intrigued by what Schutte might have say to whites following a year of powerful pieces calling out

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How white is your friends list?

Over the last year I’ve been on a bit of a half-arsed campaign to review and separate my private life from my online life. Actually, the project was about making my online life and facebook, in particular, a closer reflection of my private life instead of the disturbing, age-restricted and widely accessible advertorial for why

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