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The hair debate must end

A central pillar of the colonial project was the construction of the colonial subject. An exercise which necessarily required the absolute objectifiction of the native, even to herself, that she was no more than what was seen through her Master’s eyes. The continued question of the native’s hair is one such far-reaching implication of the

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My white husband calls me ‘nigger bitch’ during sex

A heartbreaking story which reflects, albeit quite extremely, the experiences I and plenty of Blacks in my experience have had in intimate relationships with white folk. This is why I find so much power and sense in this piece from which the excerpt below comes. “i deal with racism everyday. i would like my house,

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Sex-pest rocks varsity

 KwezilomsoM writes on when Black sex-pests become the easy scape-goats of entrenched institutional violence against womyn. “The front page story in the Sunday times on 3 March 2013 (Sex-pest rocks varsity) is not just an innocent and brave exposition of a violent sex-pest. What it is, is a dangerous attempt at absolving the institutions (with

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Enthusiastic consent: only yes means yes

After the widely reported on grizzly rape and murder of Anene Booysen last month, sexual violence and strategies of combating it have been a significant topic of discussion in South Africa. Could enthusiastic consent be the solution to ending sexual violence? Michelle Solomon tells Playboy just how hot it can be and why it could very

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No miracle arose in SA’s transition from apartheid

What is this miracle and for whom is it rising? TO Molefe asks about Miracle Rising Too few articulated so clearly what I felt throughout the entire month that DStv marketed and then broadcast this documentary as Osiame Molefe did. “For each time the miracle narrative is repeated, and it has been many times and

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From Slut Walk to One Billion Rising: Losing the protest plot

One Billion Rising and then what? Talia Meer asks some uncomfortable questions? “In a society that constantly bears down on women, tells them how to dress, how to act, where to go, with whom, at what time, such moments are extremely valuable for some, moments of visibility, freedom, of solidarity, of empowerment. But these cannot

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From Delhi to Bredasdorp

  Richard Pithouse on why rape isn’t something that only happens “over there” as we like to think. “While we must investigate the nature of the conditions that enable rape to become an everyday reality we must, of course, be absolutely clear that no culture, no context and no degree of suffering and humiliation justifies rape

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Dear White People: Theoretical wars and podium envy

Gillian Schutte responds and does a (final?) summation of the prevailing and derailing discourses in the critical and ongoing dialogue on undoing whiteness. Note how she situates the responses as “theoretical wars and podium envy” while still pointing back to the intersection of white racism with heterosexism and classism in the reproduction of the discourse

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South Africa: Let’s talk about race

Over the last few weeks, there has been a hundreds of years old conversation happening in South Africa on whiteness, white-racism and white Power. The conversation was reopened (not that it was ever closed) by Gillian Schutte’s letter to white people on which I reflect. Esther Athi-Nangomso Nkopo and Andile Mngxitama advance a response which situates Schutte’s

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There’s no unlearning whiteness, despite what ‘anti-racists’ say

Reflecting on the structural positionality of white people in a social order which affirms and celebrates their whiteness, Athi-Nangomso Esther Nkopo and Andile Mngxitama argue that there can be no unlearning whiteness despite what ‘anti-racists’ say. “Essentially this “anti-racism” industry appeals to whites to be nice about their whiteness and white supremacy, and not rub

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