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The Zama Montessori Centre was established in 1988 as an after school care centre. Because of the turbulent nature of education for children in the black townships, the centre was immediately drawn to addressing the educational needs of the children and families it served. In 1990 a preschool was established and a primary school started in 1995.

Throughout the years the centre has run various supplementary programmes including parent education workshops, parent child home based programmes, soup kitchen, preschool teacher training, HIV support groups, early auditory diagnosis clinics and consultation and support services for other Montessori schools.

The centre educates and cares for 65 children, many of whom come from impoverished and child-headed households. For these children, the school is their only refuge and their best shot at a sound basic education that they may improve their difficult circumstances.

We have:

-15 children in our pre-school;
-44 children in our primary school; and
-6 children in our middle school which will be expanded to offer grade 9, in 2016.

We need you to help us build a strong educational foundation for these young people. Investing in these children means investing in a better future for them and their families.



Because we believe so strongly that nutrition and scholastic performance go hand-in-hand, we have been cultivating fresh organic produce in our green-house from which our learners are fed, daily, to support our cultivation of the young minds we are entrusted with. Help us sustain our school feeding scheme by buying our surplus produce at our stall at the trendy Market on Main in Johannesburg, every Sunday.



Sustaining a school and care-centre like ours demands more than just money. We rely on the generous contributions we get in kind from our alumni, families of children who passed through our hands and charitable organisations. We are able to provide our learners with a safe environment to learn in, passionate educators to guide them along their growth path and a warm meal every day. We just need extra support in getting the day-to-day supplies that can make our learners’ experience just that much better.

We have a wish-list of small and large items that we hope we can be assisted with through your generous support.


Our most immediate needs, however, include the following:2 non-electric brush cutters and a non-electric lawnmower for the maintenance of the grounds. This will help us keep the area clear of the rinkhals (spitting cobras) that thrive in the area.

  • Floor tiles to maintain the flooring following the recent refurbishment of our school structure which was generously sponsored through the efforts of the Benoni Aurora Rotary Club.
  • Basic health and safety supplies including additional fire-safety, first-aid kits and emergency signage to ensure the safety of our children in cases of emergencies.
  • Fire stoves to keep our classrooms sustainably warm during the cold highveld winters.
  • Access to a paper and plastic recycling company that can come to the school to fetch old paper and plastic
  • Vegetable seedlings, organic fertilisers and insect repellents, and gardening tools to help us sustain our the school feeding-programme which our learners are actively involved in through the curriculum.

Delivery and collection of these goods can be coordinated by contacting Ntombi Selema, who champions the school feeding programme, via e-mail.


We are so invested in our learners that we cannot turn them away because they don’t have the means to afford the quality education that they deserve. Of our 65 learners, only 23 are able to pay fees. We have learned to stretch what little we are able to raise in fees to create a safe and stimulating educational environment for our young people, which makes every single additional cent we are able to raise so much more precious.

Help us do more for our learners by sponsoring some of their fees which go towards retaining our staff, acquiring educational materials as well as plugging us back into municipal services after more than ten years of being disconnected.

learning in progress


We want to challenge you to sponsor one child’s fees by pledging any one of these small amounts to a child in one of these three categories:

  • Pre-school: R750
  • Primary school: R800
  • Middle school: R1200

All cash donations can be made to the following bank account:

ACC HOLDER: Zama Care Centre
BANK: First National Bank of South Africa
BRANCH: Northmead Square
ACC No: 55060013311

If you are making your donation by way of EFT, and/or would like to specify how you would like your generous contribution to be be used, please forward your proof of payment to and/or contact me at with the subject line HelpZamaNow

All PBO registration and tax exemption details can be found at this link.


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