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Six Years: Why Rhodes must fall

For weeks I had tried to keep out of the fray of the Rhodes discussion happening in UCT and Rhodes and other university and public spaces in South Africa. Rhodes university, in particular, because of the sore and broken state it had left me – thanks to the violence of the white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchal

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Emma Watson, HeForShe and Colluding with Capital

  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if you’re going to take your political cues from a pop-star, then you can’t sit with us. Emma Watson makes a blah-blah UN speech, becomes the face of a blah-blah man-friendly campaign called #HeForShe and now, suddenly, she’s a #PowerFeminist, you’re a feminist and we’re

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Your anti-racist Black friend is not your personal race-barometer: on being a good white

So, last week, I found this video of a Phil Donohue discussion on race and racism which aired on PBS in America, about 22 years ago. I found it rather astonishing that this conversation is being had, today, on the same terms as it was then. Interestingly, one of Phil’s guests says exactly the same in 1992.

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The Beyoncélogues: because every one of Beyoncé’s songs is a serious monologue

So after my post on Beyoncé-feminism, I’ve gotten a lot of flack from the Beyhive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m here for Queen Bey. It’s not so much her and her music that I have a problem with as it is with what these represent for the advancement of the political movement I’ve dedicated my life to.

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BeyonceFeminism - Version 2

Feminism is not for everybody, although it can be

This morning I read Danielle Bowler’s commentary on the good versus bad feminist debate in her column We are all bad feminists, and that’s okay. While I’m all for a nuanced and reflexive critique on feminisms and their limitations in order to better develop and strengthen the movement, I found myself puzzled by what read to

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Reorganised sector serves Zuma’s Orwellian agenda

A WEEK ago, President Jacob Zuma announced his new executive. In his listing of the bloated Cabinet, the information and communication sector was stunned by the announcement of not one, but two ministries to oversee communications — one charged with oversight of telecommunications and postal services, and another, it seems, to shape what we’ve been

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Fracturing Pink Unity – thoughts on Pride and challenging the centre

On the eve of Cape Town Pride, I sat in conversation with a group of queers at a reception honouring a woman who works with lesbian survivors of sexual violence. Set around a quaint table overlooking the lush landscaped garden of the stately residence in Newlands we had been invited to, we discussed the “divisions”

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When no debate is better than The Big Debate

Last week the SABC canned the second season of the popular current affairs show The Big Debate shortly before its season premiere. It further went on to cancel all rebroadcasts of the first season of the show. The public broadcaster neither made any announcement about this to viewers who had been waiting months for the

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