No hope for our constitutional democracy, today.

It’s not always that I feel so defeated. This week has been especially hard for me and many of us who commit our lives to seeking out small pockets of justice in our constitutional democracy. This week, three things, in particular, happened that have left me feeling like there’s no hope for it, and that the best thing to do is simply cope with its erosion in the face of the arrogant authoritarian attitude towards justice of the murderous, kleptocratic regime ruling us, today. Just like my forebears did in those cold, hard years under white supremacist rule.
  1. This week, we witnessed the Minister of Communications dare Parliament to take her to court over her active capture of our national public broadcaster, turning it into a State broadcaster, knowing full-well that the ANC caucus which controls near-every committee in Parliament would not dare to challenge her on the matter. The Minister went as far as dictating to Parliament that its inquiry into whether her application of the law it enacted offended the doctrine of separation of powers, and the ANC caucus rolled over and accepted it – period.
  2. We further witnessed a Court rule in favour of the rotten-to-the-core unholy alliance between the Ministry of Communications, the SABC and MultiChoice Africa on encryption technology being excluded entirely from the government-manufactured decoders in the on-coming broadcasting digital migration. While the ratiae presented by the Court on this matter regarding international trends on this matter, alongside the black-letter of the law as far as executive powers are concerned, it’s depressing to see that their application in a most unusual context as South Africa is will only result in a situation whereby the vast majority of the people in this country – all of them working-poor – will be forced to either abide by limited choice and poor quality TV broadcasting services with 70% good (and denuded of all critical engagement or analysis) news or pay to access a still limited choice in a wide selection of bad subscription services.
  3. Today, we witnessed the President deliver the findings of the whitewashed Farlam Commission Report on the compromised inquiry into the #MarikanaMassacre which pointed fingers in every direction but the parties who were central to the brazen massacre of men who but wanted a living wage for, like my uncles and cousins and grand-sires, going deep into the belly of the earth to dig up rocks that would enrich fat rich white men with their arses in the butter and the few Black men in bed with them, choking on their engorged cocks to satisfy their every insatiable desire for yet more, at all Our cost.
It is in times like this that I feel spent-up and done with here. It is times like this that I cannot bear to call this cold, unjust and awful place that betrays all that it had promised me, Us, home – even though I yearn for it so much while I am in it.
So I am blues-ing to this mix. Hoping that tomorrow will offer some hope. Because today offers none.

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