To My Little Niggers

boarded up

know this, wretched Nigger
Rhodes’ fall
if he should fall
will be little more than an act of placation
in the face of your directed acts of Black rage


he will go
but the duplicitous lilly-white Masters
that preside over your wretched Black bodies
will remain
the same
and destroy you
through your marks
and legitimacy
and opportunities
because it’s a small world, you know


and Rhodes will remain
in the tenements
to the barracks
and dining halls
and streets
and town
named for white-racist colonial forces
set to tie a rope around your neck
and call you slave
for you are
at least, as long as you think you are


he will remain
in the texts that you read
and the tests that you write
and on the brows of the lilly-white faces
that preside over your bodies
and remind you of the dirty little Niggers that you are


unless, wretched Negro,
you are deliberate in your demand
that the statue must fall
and the name must be changed
and the institution transformed
in your image
you will have lost the battle we fought
and our forebears before us
and left it
to yet more wretched little Niggers
to be crushed
and beaten
and brutalised
by what you
and we
and they
failed to defeat

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