Sex-pest rocks varsity

sexpest KwezilomsoM writes on when Black sex-pests become the easy scape-goats of entrenched institutional violence against womyn.

“The front page story in the Sunday times on 3 March 2013 (Sex-pest rocks varsity) is not just an innocent and brave exposition of a violent sex-pest.

What it is, is a dangerous attempt at absolving the institutions (with their chosen guardians) that allow for, encourage and sanction sexual violence by being in line with the white-supremacist patriarchy on which our entire society is based.

This is done by choosing the easiest and most natural target to shoulder the sins of many (even if he too may be a sinner, which I believe him to be) to seem like this issue is taken very seriously, and after justice is served on this ONE we can all sleep a little easy.” – KwezilomsoM

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