There’s no unlearning whiteness, despite what ‘anti-racists’ say

malcolm-x-1Reflecting on the structural positionality of white people in a social order which affirms and celebrates their whiteness, Athi-Nangomso Esther Nkopo and Andile Mngxitama argue that there can be no unlearning whiteness despite what ‘anti-racists’ say.

“Essentially this “anti-racism” industry appeals to whites to be nice about their whiteness and white supremacy, and not rub it in black people’s faces after black people have been nice enough to let whites stay and prosper on land stolen from them. Schutte wants whites to relax because blacks have no ill intention towards them despite all that has happened in the past. The paternalism and racism of this empty acknowledgment of history but not redress gives blacks a false sense of justice and it is growing fast, expressed in some whites boldly wearing T-shirts with the words: “I benefited from apartheid.”” – Athi-Nangomso Esther Nkopo and Andile Mngxitama in There’s no unlearning whiteness, despite what ‘anti-racists’ say.

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