Whiteness-300x300True to his #whiteness, Garth Theunisen responds to Benjamin Fogel on Rhinos & TO Molefe’s critique of Cape Town and whiteness.

Of course, it would be riddled with material and deliberate false dichotomies as well as a slew of me-too-isms which seek only to mystify, obscure and maintain the (re-)production of white Power and entitlement and its violence on our collective corpus.

Is the crime for which the Rhinosed are charged that they care? Not at all. It is that, in their act of red-nosed activism for animals which they, at best, only see and engage with on their often gaudy, overpriced televisions, they could care less for the structural and material conditions they are complicit in locking their constructed Other, with whom they interact daily and in person, in.

Is it that douchebaggery is often confused for white-racism? No. It is that white-racist douchebaggery is still white-racist.

Or would you too also like to cry racism?

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