providing tailored policy advocacy, project integration, and fundraising solutions for the advancement of social justice

About Me

Hi, I’m Sekoetlane, and I’m a Black feminist-minded activist who works at the intersections of social justice, strategic communications and the law. I work with a range of clients from small non-profits to international NGOs and commercial media outlets.

My consulting practice provides specialist policy advocacy, project integration, strategic communications, and fundraising solutions for organisations seeking to make high-impact interventions for social change. The specialist fields I have worked in include media- and ICT-for-development, gender justice and sexual rights.

I have almost 10 years’ experience in movement-building, project management and implementation, and senior leadership of high-impact policy advocacy campaigns in South Africa and the Continent. While I am based in Johannesburg, I also have proven experience developing and coordinating international projects, remotely, and on-site.

In addition to the specialist services I offer, I work with a network of young, highly-skilled and experienced multidisciplinary collaborators to help our clients enhance their impact and drive social change.

My Client Portfolio

Here are some projects I have worked on with my diverse array of clients.

Contact Me

Contact me by e-mail, via LinkedIn or twitter, if you have any enquiries, and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as I can.


I am widely published on the interface between politics, race, class and gender across a range of major national print and digital titles in South Africa.

On Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh’s Democracy and Delusion

South Africa’s literary scene is not in short supply of material for the pithy, analytical and diagnostic genre of book Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh writes into in his debut offering Democracy & Delusion: 10 Myths in South African Politics. While politicians like Helen Zille blithely deny it, and the ANC-led government reversion and instrumentalise our living memory…

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SABC protest-censorship: thought control dressed up in the guise of respectability

On Friday, 24 June 2016, protestors took to the streets to demand ICASA’s Complaints and Compliance Committee (CCC) to rule against the SABC and Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s blanket ban of visuals of community protests involving the destruction of public property. Although the ban spoke specifically to visuals of the destruction of public property (as though private…

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Parliament Betrayed our SABC

In 1992, when the Campaign for Open Media campaigned alongside the United Democratic Front to demand the demise of the apartheid regime’s release of the erstwhile SAUK to the people, and transform it into an open, transparent public broadcaster, it would be Cyril Ramaphosa who would set out one of the most significant principles underpinning…

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Feminism is not for everybody, although it can be

This morning I read Danielle Bowler’s commentary on the good versus bad feminist debate in her column We are all bad feminists, and that’s okay. While I’m all for a nuanced and reflexive critique on feminisms and their limitations in order to better develop and strengthen the movement, I found myself puzzled by what read to…

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